Press Release
Baltic Car Equipment launches a new FMS500 product line
Baltic Car Equipment launches a new FMS500 product line that helps fulfill the most complicated solutions of fleet management
Over 70 countries and 4 continents – these are the figures reflecting the current demand for products developed by Baltic Car Equipment (BCE). The company is experiencing an ambitious growth stage.

For over a decade, BCE has been developing both technical and software components and services for effective fleet management. All of this allows you to remotely locate the business vehicle's location, driving routes, fuel consumption, and other data while saving time and human resources. The product is automated and system-adapted to customer needs, immediately displays all information in different accounting systems.

Established in 2006, the company has added an important record this year - relocation in double office space. There are currently 70 people in the newly installed 1,000 square meters of common space, but soon, the number should reach a hundred.

✔Despite the expanding capacities, the company has launched FMS500 product line: FMS500 One, FMS500 Light, FMS500 Light+, FMS500 StCAN. High gain internal antennas, plenty of interfaces and peripherals let fulfill the most complicated solutions. All products by Baltic Car Equipment have the full online configuration, automatic device startup, and direct technical support.