Manual for co-exibitors
Wialon IoT zone. Exhibit with us globally.
General information
June 13-15, 2023
Brazil, São Paulo

São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Wialon IoT zone
Booth #501
Co-exhibitor's package
  • 1
    Ready-to-use exhibition booth
  • 2
    Сonstruction and design by Wialon
  • 3
    Exhibitors passes for 2 employees (the number of your employees at the booth is not limited though)
  • 4
    High-speed Internet via wire
  • 5
    Cleaning services
  • 6
    Water and beverages
  • 7
    Wialon experts support to address the most sophisticated issues
  • 8
    Constant influx of visitors
Working station
The working station is the 4-5 square meters area of the booth you will use while working at the expo. It has two similar sides, each side is used by one participant.

At the working station, you will have at your disposal:
  • a 25`display* (HDMI cable provided);
  • 2 shelves;
  • 2 bar stools;
  • a pedestal table with a shelf (locked with a key);
  • a signboard for your company's logo and a brief
  • description (designed by Wialon);
  • communication lines (220V) with three sockets;
  • Internet access (wired).
* Laptop to connect to the display is not provided.

All graphic design is done by Wialon.

* The overall view of your working station may be slightly different from the presented pictures.
This is a checklist for IoT zone preparation
Please, provide the required info within the specified deadlines below.

If, for some reason, you don't provide it on time, we'll retrieve it from publicly available sources. In this case, claims to the published information will not be accepted.

Information can be sent in English or Portuguese (we can help to translate all information in Portuguese, in such a case information should be sent one week before the deadline).
  • By May 12, 2023 – required
    1. Logo in an editable format

    • Only editable formats, for example, .ai, .eps.
    • We do not accept .png and .jpeg formats, they are not editable.
    The logo will be used on the working station and in all promo materials.

    2. Three bullets for your working station

    • 3 main points about your company.
    • No more than 3-4 words at each line, please.
    Bullets will be used on the main part of the working station under your logo.
  • By May 12, 2023 – optional
    3. Company description

    • Please, provide us with 3-4 sentences.
    Company descriptions will be published on the website and used in promo materials.

    4. Product/solution info

    • Limited by 1000 symbols.
    • List of 3-5 products/solutions (with a description for each) you will present at the expo OR list of your 3-5 best-selling products/solutions (with a description for each).
    • Products/solutions launched during the past year (with a description for each).
    • Website.
    Product/solution descriptions will be used for promotion in articles and invitations.
  • By May 22, 2023 – required
    5. Passes to enter the Expo hall

    According to your co-exhibitor's package, you get exhibitor passes for 2 employees, who will work at the booth. The required information and deadline will be published asap.

    The registration of visitors is accessible for free at