Press Release
DOGO Informatique creates TRM System
Dogo Informatique is the developer of TRM System aimed at tracking vehicles and stationary assets, as well as personal tracking.
The company wanted to create the platform tailored to our clients’ specific needs: for example, TRM Shipping T1 is for freight units that travel long distances while TRM Delivery T2 and TRM IoT cater for delivery and IoT spheres.

Miguel Ángel Navarrete, Coordinator of projects DOGO Informatique, answered several questions:

How do you integrate Wialon with TRM System?
“Through the Wialon API, which provides all the information and statistics on the units in real time. Thanks to the data processing, we can create indicators and notifications that help the user to make decisions.”

What is the user’s benefit?
“They get information generated in real time by Wialon plus super useful analytics provided by TRM.”

What makes the TRM System different from other transport management systems?
“We have the support of the best satellite geolocation platform worldwide. It ensures the accuracy, availability, and integrity of the information received. Also, DOGO Informatique has achieved a synergy of effective work with the Wialon support team for the benefit of our customers.”

Dogo Informatique develops the solutions for the logistics area creating, among other things, interactive dashboards with real-time notifications and statistical indicators. They help in decision-making at the executive and operational levels.

With the Wialon platform and TRM System, we can meet all of our customers’ requirements.

DOGO INFORMATIQUE will present TRM System at Gurtam megabooth during the Mobile World Congress Americas Exhibition in Los Angeles in September 2018.