Press Release
Brand new wireless solution for fuel control “Escort”
Escort is a Russian producer of control-and-measuring devices for GPS/Glonass satellite monitoring. Among our products there are both fuel level sensors and sensors for mechanism and material monitoring on road, building,public service and agricultural machinery
Over 14 years our company has been proceeding as one of telematics market major players, providing reliable and wide-range applicable equipment used for effective fleet control.

“It was always important for us not to just be on the market providing “concurrent” products, but actively forming the telematics future. We provide solutions with no analogs on the market. In 2018, we’re preparing something that will help our clients to simplify their workflow dramatically. This is fuel level sensor featuring a wireless communication to a tracker based on Bluetooth 4.0.” says Anton Turkin, Escort chief executive officer. The new sensor is unique for having no wires whatsoever. This reduces the installation time sufficiently. The sensor features Bluetooth 4.0 communication with low energy consumption which provides 7 years of in-built lithium ion battery operation. Besides, the sensor is configured via a smartphone in a special app.