October 6-10, Dubai
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Booth #Z2-C10, Zabeel Hall, Dubai World Trade Center
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One day before GITEX Technology week Gurtam gathers Wialon community and brings together the most influential experts in telematics, fleet management and IoT.

2018 Event Records

  • 90 industry specialists
  • 17 speeches
  • 9 hours of sharing the ideas
Top market players at Gurtam booth
Navtelecom is a Russian developer and manufacturer of equipment based on satellite navigation technologies. The main products of Navtelecom are vehicle GLONASS and GPS trackers, which allow solving all the current problems of the vehicle satellite monitoring market. All the Navtelecom equipment is produced at the contract manufacturing facility in Russia and passes strictest quality control at all stages: from components to finished product checking. Navtelecom has its own strong team of developers and designers and the well-established manufacturing of pre-production samples of new equipment models. The company provides high-quality and prompt guarantee and service maintenance, as well as technical support for the sold products
RCS is a telematics engineering company established in 1994. The company develops and manufactures advanced fuel monitoring systems for stationary and mobile assets. The factory and the R&D department are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. RCS is a client-oriented company, committed to adding value to international partners and their end clients. EPSILON capacitive fuel level sensors manufactured by RCS are easily integrated with third-party tracking devices and software. Offering unique features and reliability made EPSILON the sensor of choice for partners in more than 60 countries
ELA Innovation is a French dynamic manufacturer leader in development of industrial wireless sensors and beacons, based upon a wide portfolio of long-range technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa and active RFID. The wide range of miniaturized readers and tags, featuring ultra-low power consumption (ULPW) and allowing extended battery life (20 years), meets the requirements of numerous IoT applications for telematics, logistics, security and industries such as cold chain monitoring, traceability, automatic inventory, or indoor and outdoor real-time localization
Sygic develops the bestselling GPS navigation app in the world, trusted by 200+ million drivers, and 2000+ professional fleets. The company focuses on developing maps and navigation SDKs for development with navigation, routing and optimization experience trusted by 1M+ professional drivers worldwide for your apps and logistics solutions. Sygic leverages 15 years of experience in development of mapping and GPS navigation solutions to supply various fleets in fields of transportation, logistics, parcel delivery, field work, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services
Galileosky is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of advanced GPS hardware and high-end telematics technologies. Over the years, the company has created revolutionary technologies for automation and remote data management to help customers run their business safer, more efficiently and productively
The Russian group of companies which develops and produces checking equipment for GPS transport monitoring. The wide functionality of their products helps to effectively manage the fleet of motor vehicles. Escort offers the solutions dealing with fuel consumption control as well as construction, agricultural, road, and municipal machinery control. The company delivers its equipment in more than 60 countries of the world
The company introduces transport and security management solutions for campuses, schools, IT parks and residential apartments in smart cities. The solutions are designed to provide safe and secure journeys, reduce road congestion, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Albasmart provides the web-based smart solution to support operational workflow, provide analytics and reporting, to improve business performance and enhance overall customer experience. BusOkay, Ride Assistant, Smart Guard and V-Check are the company's mobile apps for today's modern urban environment
Satamazone is a universal satellite communications and networking company that supplies modern and robust satellite phones. Satamazone has been in the satellite phone business for over 15 years. Its products can work from any corner of the world even if you need to connect from remote areas where telephones or mobile phones do not work. The company deals with the satellite phone business and is the most affordable and reliable satellite phone service provider offering networking all over the world, the best sat phones and sat phone credits at competitive prices. Enjoy global communications at reasonable satellite phone service costs with Satamazone
Bitrek is a Ukrainian hardware manufacturer of a new generation. Having ISO certification and its own R&D high-level team, the company is focused on the following B2B industries: precision agriculture, secure driving, IoT, production on demand. The company's advantages are ISO 9001-2018 certification, and CE certification in EU for all our products, fully automated QA control, 1 year warranty as default for all the products, integration services, the research engineering team and the production team, and program development for new partners. In August, Bitrek was spotted in the Wialon dynamic Hardware Manufacturers rating rated as TOP 10 based on three months results
Concox is a provider of telematics solutions and applications for the broader Internet of Things (IoT). Over the past 20 years, Concox has been enabling global customers to optimize their operations by collecting, monitoring and reporting business-critical information and desired intelligence from remote and mobile assets.
Aplicom is a leading provider of powerful and versatile telematics devices, software, and cloud services. The company serves professional telematics system providers and vehicle/machine manufacturers with industrial IoT-applications which work alongside their own products. They also partner with companies that provide solutions and services to end customers with commercial vehicle fleets and other industrial telemetry needs. Although their standard products fit most needs, Aplicom are happy to develop custom solutions, including CAN bus and other peripheral interfaces
М2М Express offers M2M connection services without signal loss for companies which operate in the IoT industry. Five years ago, M2M Express manufactured their first M2M SIM card. Since then, more than a thousand businesses from around the world have become their clients. Today, the company presents to you their next-generation product – M2M Express Multi SIM card
Mechatronics is an innovative company with more than 15 years' experience in the sphere of telematics hardware manufacturing and development. Company's key products are fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters and on-board weighing systems under the brand Eurosens. Working with partners from more than 50 countries all over the world, Mechatronics is constantly developing new solutions and technologies to optimize fleet operation
Streamax Technology is a leading mobile surveillance solution provider with global perspective. Founded in 2002 and focuses on the MDVR for 17 years, it is strongly committed to competitive mobile surveillance. Streamax continues to create maximum value for international end users, as well as distribution and system integrator companies
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