14-18 October 2018, Dubai
GITEX Technology Week
The biggest exhibition of technological innovations in the Middle East

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2018 Event Records

  • 90 industry specialists
  • 17 speeches
  • 9 hours of sharing the ideas
Booth Plan

#Z2-A10, Dubai World Trade Center

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Top market players at Gurtam booth
Since 2008 the company is engaged in developing and manufacturing vehicle surveillance systems and other CCTV products. Possessing the reputation of providing high quality, cost-effective, tailor-made services, and professional support, Howen products and systems have been widely used in more than 50 countries and applied for various industries such as public transport, school buses, taxi, truck haulage, logistics, etc.
Galileosky is a Russian satellite monitoring hardware manufacturer, popular with domestic and European market players. For only five years the company elaborated a considerable partner network, comprising 25 partners worldwide. Galileosky is represented in different IT areas: their devices are used to track various vehicles, stationary assets, and "smart house" system connection.
Company started in 2017. Codes.zone helps customers and partners find all necessary resources to achieve the highest level of service and their respective goals on local markets. Offering experienced consultants, project managers, software developers, support managers and technicians in outsourcing model Codes.zone makes them able to be flexible, bridge their temporarily lack of resources and to deliver quality IoT/telematics service necessary to their customers.
The Russian developer and manufacturer of ADM terminals for GPS monitoring. Their product range includes terminals, personal trackers, RFID-systems, and other GPS-monitoring devices. Neomatica company started the era of terminals with built-in antennas in Russia, developed the smallest terminal, and the most long-running personal tracker. Now, the company is keen to use wireless technologies that help to effortlessly monitor mobile and stationary assets.
The Russian group of companies that develops and produces checking equipment for GPS transport monitoring. The wide functionality of their products helps to effectively manage the fleet of motor vehicles. Escort offers the solutions dealing with fuel consumption control as well as construction, agricultural, road, and municipal machinery control. The company delivers its equipment in more than 30 countries of the world.
KLOUDIP was founded in 2010 to provide cloud-based telematics services. Today it has become a leading value-added solutions provider that meets industry-specific needs. GOFER-Corporate vehicle request system, EPORT-Realtime TMS for 3PLs, SPS-Security patrol monitoring system are some of its popular products. The company's capabilities in developing firmware-driven hardware interfaces and software applications has enabled it to be able to bring almost any custom requirement on to cloud platform. KLOUDIP is always keen to share its solutions with the customers globally.
The Russian hardware manufacturer of GPS monitoring devices. The company specializes in the development of reliable equipment from vehicle trackers to smart safety-locks. Mielta flagship products, Mielta M3 satellite terminal and Mielta Zond FLS are notable for solid body frame, the latest components, extended functionality, and favorable prices.
Since 2011 INBOUND LLC has been providing intelligent transportation solution to government and large entities in the region with focus on logistics and transportation, working with federal post offices, e-commerce companies and telecom operators INBOUND LLC has managed to achieve its mission of serving their clients to optimize their fleet operation cost, increasing their fleet efficiency, enhancing their safety and eliminating fraud. Their goal is to use artificial intelligence, the blockchain, IoT, V2I, V2X, ADAS, ACC, LDA to make roads smoother by predicting patterns, assist driving by guiding, intensifying or eliminating drivers and control emissions by reducing engine hours while enhancing efficient mileage to contribute against the march towards intelligent mobility in smart cities.
JSC ‘Baltic Car Equipment’ is a fast-growing manufacturing company that develops GPS/GLONASS equipment for vehicle tracking and corporate fleet management. Constant investments into R&D have allowed the company to present international markets with advanced equipment in telemetry and automotive security field. At the stage of intensive growth, in 2018 the company has launched a FMS500 product line - high gain internal antennas, plenty of interfaces and peripherals let fulfill the most complicated solutions of fleet management. Our aim is to provide products and services of the highest quality, ensuring control and reliability to our customers worldwide.
RCS is a telematics engineering company established in 1994. The company develops and manufactures advanced fuel monitoring systems for stationary and mobile assets. EPSILON capacitive fuel level sensors manufactured by RCS are easily integrated with third party tracking devices and software. Unique features and reliability made EPSILON the sensor of choice for partners in more than 60 countries.
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