Press Release
Elucate tracking, the solution by Golden M, is perfect for school bus tracking.
With this solution, parents can keep track of their children while they are on a bus. The buses are tracked when they are on duty.

The current version assigns children’s locator link based on the schedules uploaded through the template. For the next version, we’ll add hardware identification support (RFID, NFC, fingerprint scanners, etc.) and two mobile apps: one for parents, and the other one for the driver.
The driver app will allow the driver or their partner to identify the students boarding the bus. It will also serve as the GPS tracker eliminating the need to install one.


Families module allows viewing the parents, the children assigned to them, and their account’s details.

Students module lists all the children and allows to verify if a student has already been created and to edit their name and last name if needed. As soon as the hardware support is available, the children profiles code will be listed for the admin user.

Schedules module displays all students schedules. It also allows the user to view each student’s active trips locators.

Inscriptions module allows the online inscription of the students for the bus service. It creates the records and rearranges them on an excel file that will be available for download.


  • Hardware identification for the students will be implemented for the next version.

  • Parents’ mobile app will make the tracking process easier. Geofence creation feature will help the parents identify their children’s destination and/or pickup location. This information will automatically be associated with the student’s profile and will allow monitoring the trip from its start to the end.

  • Monitor feature will provide visual cues about the current trip of the student. It will divide the school-home route into different stages: boarding, on board, in transit (with estimated ETA), and at destination. For the home-school route, the stages will differ: in transit (with estimated ETA for pick-up), in transit to school, and at school.

  • Mobile payment option allows integrating Elucate tracking with already existing payment gateways to facilitate the payment transactions.

  • Elucate Academic is the perfect complement for the tracking portion. This software provides the entire institution’s academic management. The stable version is in the process of development.
We can also add other modules upon request to adapt to the customer’s specific needs.