Press Release
Howen Technologies – Road to Future
Nowadays, the concept of Internet of Vehicle (IoV) is becoming more and more popular in the fleet management operation. Such technologies as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and some others have been successfully integrated into traditional vehicle service system. This year, HOWEN Technologies have developed a series of intelligent analysis features for detecting driver behavior, tracking optimization, video analyzing that were deployed into the latest HOWEN VSS (Vehicle Service System).
As Howen is one of Gurtam technology partners focusing on creating mobile DVR solutions, Howen VSS has been fully integrated into Wialon platform. The users of Howen mobile DVRs can not only perform the fleets checking but get a high definition video streaming and recording through the same platform. The recording of imported videos can be set up as “events” when the alarm is triggered.

Howen Mobile DVRs have RS232, RS485, and Alarm I/O standard models that connect to various third-party devices for data transmission. As opposed to traditional GPS trackers, mobile DVRs can connect to fuel sensors, RFID, iButtons, door sensors, etc.

As for the hardware, Howen mobile DVR can deliver significant mechanical stabilities as it was specifically designed for commercial vehicle usage. It works within the temperature range from -40℃ to 70℃. All Howen products have passed the vibration test based on MIL-810G.

Besides, every single product undergoes a QC process before shipment. Therefore, customers don’t hesitate to choose Howen products for various commercial vehicle projects including some government projects. Nowadays, Howen VSS is being used in over 70 countries with hundreds of thousands of units.

Last but not least, Gurtam provides professional fleet management software solutions for different spheres such as logistics, bus, taxi, and other industrial vehicles. Howen Technologies for its part offers complex hardware solutions since Howen Mobile DVR and MDT can support a lot of accessories by connecting RS232, RS485, and alarm I/O communications.