Press Release
Howen Integrated MDVR Solution For Oil Truck Industry
The importance of vehicle tracking for the logistics industry is immeasurable.
Video-based telematics technology is more than just a tool helping drivers go from one location to another. It is not regular video monitoring as well. It plays a significant role in the transformation of the logistics industry providing businesses with efficient tools for increasing the fleet efficiency, company management, etc. Also, with AI-based technology such as fatigue driving control, routing, dispatch, it became possible to make considerable savings for all operators.

As Gurtam technology partner, Howen Team has been working hard to integrate various features into its solutions including GPS, video, playback, external IO alarm, report building, ect. With powerful hardware development capability, we are focused on creating the solutions for the taxi, logistics, public transportation sectors, etc.

Recently, Howen has won some oil truck projects with Shell, Total Parcol, Linde in several countries. All the solutions we provide are based on the end user's actual business requirements. For example, road routing, highway speed geofence control, I-button for driver attendance system, external LED speed display to alert a driver, fatigue driving detection, etc. All of them need numerous hardware modifications. Our solutions proved to be effective and got a good reputation among our customers.