Press Release
KLOUDIP has started moving towards the developing of custom solutions to meet the industry needs
The company’s long-term serious customers are increasingly depending on the data provided by our Wialon-based solutions. Due to the high reliability and accuracy of the system, the customers are starting to make more critical decisions based on its data. We noticed that they no longer want to worry about the accuracy of data but prefer relying more on filtered output to improve efficiency. Our data collecting system seems to be going into backend for reliable processing
GOFER is one of the solutions where customer doesn’t need not go into detailed data processing to reach their goal. We designed it for a non-technical customers who need their staff to be able to request vehicles, allocate them efficiently, pay drivers, find out who used what vehicle, and minimize the cost. GOFER does all that and provides the customer only with the data they need. It makes it very easy for customers to step away from their conventional systems and get involved into using our solutions.

And we are finding such opportunities everywhere. Another good example is the solution we have provided to an ordinary hospital to improve patient care. They had a problem with nurses that were not attending to patients promptly. Hiring managers and supervisors didn’t help either. We didn’t have a ready-made solution for them, so we developed a custom one. Now when a patient calls for assistance we track how fast a nurse reacts to the request. Reports can be generated according to various scenarios to ensure that patients are attended efficiently and actions are taken with pin-point accuracy. Now every hospital wants this solution. We are about to make some changes and introduce it to hotels as well.

Our capabilities in developing firmware-driven hardware interfaces and software applications has enabled us to bring almost any custom requirement on to a cloud platform. KLOUDIP is always keen to share its solutions with the customers globally.