Press Release
Mielta is taking part in GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2018 for the first time
The company is ready to present the range of satellite trackers, fuel level sensors, and additional sensors, including the new products - satellite trackers Mielta M1 and Mielta M7.
Satellite terminal MIELTA M7 is a functional and reliable device for vehicles tracking. SD-card support, 2 SIM-cards, increased up to 16 Mb «black box» for data storage, 4 universal ports, voice communication, wireless sensors support - this is an incomplete list of its functions. Mielta M7 will be interesting for the companies using multifunctional and specialized solutions.

Mielta M1 is a small, easy-to-use, and low-cost tracker. RS-485 and 1-Wire interfaces allow to connect up to 16 digital devices. The tracker can effectively work both on the vehicle’s on-board network and the USB connector. Mielta M1 is an excellent choice for companies that need basic functionality for location control.

The fuel level sensor MIELTA ZOND has already proven its quality in Russia. It is a functional device with an innovative component base and a reliable design. The measuring part has a variable length, sealed and oil-resistant housing, the metal flange for fastening and rugged cable. Precision electric meter and software data processing ensure the declared accuracy of measurements in the entire temperature range.

Additionally, Mielta is presenting Agroanalytics-IoT. It is a farm management software that automatizes up to 90% of business-processes at the farm. Agroanalytics is the central part of the agro IoT-system. It has a high level of automatization and allows to connect to many devices. The system integrates all these devices, accumulate information and presents reports. It consists of transport monitoring, field monitoring, agro scouting, harvest control, annual and short-term planning modules. Mielta solutions would be of great interest for system integrators of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.