24-27 April 2018, Moscow
One-of-a-kind Russian trade show in GPS monitoring sphere

Gurtam is here for the 10th time already, and this year powered by the whole telematics community

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The Russian manufacturer of GLONASS/GPS trackers for fleet monitoring. Since 2007, Navtelecom produces reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable equipment. It is used for vehicle tracking, stationary assets security providing, the "smart city" system functioning. In 2017, the company updated the range of its SMART and SIGNAL vehicle trackers.
From 1997 the company has been working in the area of connected technologies. Nowadays, it is a recognized expert in IoT sphere. Kvarta Tehnologii is the producer of IQFreeze* adapters-recorders – from iQFreeze R temperature recorder to the universal iQFreeze Pro adapter-recorder. iQFreeze* integration into the systems of refrigerator trailers monitoring increases the safety of time- and temp-sensitive products transportation and significantly reduces the fleet maintenance costs.
Iridium is the global network of 66 low-orbiting commercial satellites. The company connects people, enterprises, and units in any place of the world. Iridium offers innovative solutions for the market that demands the worldwide communication lines. The company closely cooperates with Thales Alenia Space, an equipment supplier, and SpaceX that has already placed 40 latest Iridium Next satellites into orbit.
The Russian group of companies that develops and produces checking equipment for GPS transport monitoring. The wide functionality of their products helps to effectively manage the fleet of motor vehicles. Escort offers the solutions dealing with fuel consumption control as well as construction, agricultural, road, and municipal machinery control. The company delivers its equipment in more than 30 countries of the world.
The company started its work from just a vehicle's location control and made its way up to the management of the fleet that comprises thousands of units. Geolead develops custom services based on the business objectives. It also provides the most cost-effective solutions and develops the solutions of its own.
The Russian hardware manufacturer of GPS monitoring devices. The company specializes in the development of reliable equipment from vehicle trackers to smart safety-locks. Mielta flagship products, Mielta M3 satellite terminal and Mielta Zond FLS are notable for solid body frame, the latest components, extended functionality, and favorable prices.
One of the leaders in the sphere of GPS monitoring system development in Russia and CIS. Galileosky equipment is installed in more than 700,000 vehicles in 30 countries. The company delivers its products to Europe, North and East Africa, and Latin America.
Maxoptra is the platform for routing control. It is also intended to increase the field employees' work effectiveness. 18 years of experience in cooperation with big companies, allow Maxoptra to develop complicated SaaS solutions. The company's unique product helps to manage fleets effectively.
One of the biggest nationwide providers of telematics services in Russia. AVANTERN telematics implements the latest solutions in the sphere of GPS monitoring, fleet and other mobile assets management. The company was founded in 2004. Since that time it established a wide partner network in 200 Russian cities. Their monitoring center works 24/7.
The company was founded in 2009. Global Position handles the integration of vehicles monitoring systems and CCTV monitoring. Solid experience, reliable equipment, and flexible monetary policy help the company to remain the leader of the northwest region in the field of Wialon system integration.
An international Lithuanian-Finnish company operating in the sphere of M2M technologies since 1998. Teltonika produces the equipment and develops software for GPS monitoring. It offers a wide range of GPS trackers including the devices for personal tracking. The company is experienced in different areas: production sector, military and medical industries, telecommunications, etc.
NEKTA is a modern IoT company developing cutting-edge products that support flespi PaaS solutions. The company’s objective is to connect people and things in all spheres of life, to unite things and devices into the single network aiming at exchanging data and helping people anywhere in the world.
ATOL DRIVE company is the leading manufacturer of tachographs for the Russian Federation national system of tachograph control. It renders the service of tachograph map production and activation. The company sells CIPF as well.
Since 2008, the company has been developing and manufacturing the vehicles video surveillance systems. Today, about 100,000 vehicles are equipped with Howen Technologies devices – school buses in the UAE, DHL vehicles in Pakistan, corporate buses in Ethiopia, SHELL fuel tank trucks in Malaysia, and public transport in Mexico.
The company is engaged in mobile assets, vehicles, staff, and family monitoring in real time and renders twenty-four-hour technical support. LADIYA Telematic also provides trackers, receivers, and optional equipment for location and safety control systems.
For 25 years, the Israeli company has been providing telematics solutions for vehicles tracking and security. Spectrotec offers a wide range of alarm and anti-theft systems.Its solutions can be applied to many vehicles and are approved by insurance companies throughout the world.

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24-26 April
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