Press Release
Neomatica, the Russian manufacturer of ADM GLONASS/GPS terminals, will introduce its innovative monitoring solutions to the Middle East market
At the exhibition, the company will showcase the transport, special-purpose machinery, small-sized units monitoring solution as well as the solutions for staff control and material assets security. The team will focus on the demonstration of wireless functionality that allows doing a lot of things at little cost. They will also show portable terminal noticeable for its runtime. Dealers and integrators of monitoring systems will learn about the opportunities for cooperation and co-development.

It is worth mentioning that Neomatica is one of the leading developers and hardware manufacturers of GPS monitoring equipment in Russia. It has over 300 partners across the country and in CIS. More than 110,000 units are equipped with the company’s devices. The vehicles of large oil, logistics, agricultural, and construction companies, light aircrafts, and FIFA World Cup 2018 buses are among them. This year, Neomatica is actively conquering the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other regions.