Anytrek releases the next member of its TrackLight family of GPS trailer trackers
California based Anytrek Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of innovative GPS tracking solutions for the heavy road transport market.
The USA has one of the highest number of tractor trailers in the world with almost 4 million tractors and up to 10 million trailers. While there are many solutions for tracking tractors, almost all of the current solutions for tracking trailers are very visible and require expensive and time intensive installation.

A new approach was required, and Anytrek assessed the needs of the market and developed TrackLight, the first GPS trailer tracker that looks, works and installs the same as a normal LED tail light.

Completely covert, TrackLight provides the ultimate GPS tracking solution for the heavy road transport market. It contains a powerful GPS module, uses the 4G spectrum for superior connection and the built-in standby battery provides up to 3 months reporting when the trailer is un-hitched. A feature rich web portal and smartphone apps are included to enable you to see in real time where your assets are, and what they have been doing.

Installation is as simple as replacing a tail light, as TrackLight plugs into the standard trailer wiring loom.

The TrackLight family consists of the 4" round and 6" oval models which can replace the standard tail/stop lights.

The newest addition is for trailers with custom tail lights, where our amber 6" model can replace the standard side lamps, providing a simple covert tracking solution for these trailers.

Features include:
· Quick and simple installation, no tools or expertise required;
· IP67 rated to endure the harsh conditions on the road;
· 5 minute reporting while powered, 15 minute reporting while unpowered;
· Standby battery provides up to 3 months continuous reporting;
· DOT approved (FMVSS 571.108);
· Maintenance and service reminders by mileage or date;
· Geofence alerts;
· History trails;
· Covert, discreet, dependable.

Please contact Anytrek for more information or for information on how to obtain a sample device for evaluation on your trailers.

About Anytrek
Corp is a GPS tracking company with offices in California, South Carolina, Mexico, Australia and China. Founded in 2009, Anytrek has deep expertise in GPS and communications technologies and specializes in designing a range of tracking products specifically for the fleet and transport market.

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