Highlights of Bitrek products to see at GITEX 2019
Bitrek is co-exhibiting at the Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019. It is a Ukrainian hardware manufacturer of a new generation. The company is focused on precision agriculture, secure driving, IoT, production on demand. Learn more about the products to ask about at their booth on October 6-10.
The company is certified by ISO 9001 and permanently employs more than 200 professionals. Since 2010, it started the development and production of equipment for GPS monitoring and transport control. During this time several generations of devices were produced.

At GITEX 2019, Bitrek presents:

Video and photo fleet management monitoring solution via Wialon streaming apps. In regards to hardware, Bitrek MDVR, BI 530R Trek, Bitrek IP, anti-vandal cameras are used here. The solution allows creating records for events set by the operator. Each file lasts 10-15 seconds before, during, or after the event. It stores files with data and time in MDVR and at the same time sends it to FTP server. Plus, multi-interface and CAN log support from the tracker offer the productive potential for solving specific business tasks.
Fleet safety and speed limits control solution for service cars through geofences on Wialon. As for devices, the solution features BI 530R Trek, speed limiter, MF card-reader Bitrek, and CAN log. Such hardware kit is the best seller for taxi services, couriers, rental cars, city bus companies, etc. The aim of the solution is to increase the driver's awareness and discipline. It identifies the driver, provides the possibility to set drivers rating on Wialon, and etrains drivers to be more collected and careful on the road through sound notifications before entering or leaving certain geofences.

Want to know more about Bitrek services and solutions? Come to Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019, Dubai World Trade Center, October 6-10.