Dogo Informatique: turret Wialon-based alert system
One of our clients had a very common problem with his monitoring center. Usually, his personnel was very attentive when responding to alerts from Wialon but sometimes some alerts where ignored, and they missed on critical situations.
This client reached the DOGO team asking for help. We came up with the idea of designing a device that alerted the personnel about incoming critical notifications with colored lights and a siren.

At first, the offered solution sounded funny, but once it was implemented in our client's monitoring center, the number of missed alerts significantly reduced.

The system has 3 different colored lights, 1 color per notification type, so the company personnel can tell the type of notification that is being set off. We connected the system with Wialon using a NODE MCU, and a POST request in the notifications and with some DOGO magic, the connection was set.

The system works flawlessly: each time a critical notification arrives everyone at the monitoring center knows immediately that something needs to be attended. The number of unattended alerts is almost zero.