Dogo Informatique: cattle feed supply system
Feeding cattle isn't an easy task, especially when you have to feed thousands of animals.
One of our clients wanted to automate the feed supply system in his corrals. He needed his corral operators to be informed on the daily feeding routines as well to know the amount of food each corral needed and when it had to be delivered.

The engineers at DOGO offered an IoT-integration of the sensors installed in the corral feeders and the TRM platform. Our client's system generates the food delivery routines for each corral. These routines are then transmitted through the defined means to the TRM system for validation.

Finally, TRM mobile receives the information from TRM, then it validates the information again and informs the corral operators on which corrals need to be attended and/or get a food restock. All the events and feedback are registered in real time.