M2M Express: clients' cases solved successfully
M2M Express is co-exhibiting at the Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019. Today, they're telling a couple of stories on now they got their clients achieving results with the help of the company's services.
For 5 years clients around the world have been using M2M Express SIM cards. Every single carrier that exists is supported by M2M Express SIM. Free of charge roaming and connection with no signal loss are provided by the company.

Here are two cases of the company partners' success:

Case 1
A leading global manufacturer of energy-conserving equipment have contacted the company on an issue. They suffered from reputational risks due to constant signal loss of SIM cards. Their equipment is installed in places that are difficult to reach: basements, boiler-rooms, and refrigerating storages. Mobile carriers cannot provide stable connection, and the carriers' issues have become the manufacturer ones. Moreover, their clients have been overpaying for M2M network due to lack of understanding of price rates.

M2M Express have proposed a solution. The manufacturer begins to use the company's SIM cards with one price rate affordable for everyone. The clients are allowed to use the equipment immediately – on a SIM card there is a preinstalled month of usage for free.

Additionally, before the manufacturer had asked the company for a solution, they had to reissue SIM cards from their corporate account to the clients'. This has been taking way too much time and only made the situation more confusing. On top of that, the clients have been overpaying for the network by many times. Now, as M2M Express has proposed the mentioned solution, all the above-mentioned issues are non-existent.
Case 2
M2M Express partner, a Chinese tracker manufacturer for pets and feral animals, has most of their clients in the B2C sphere, located worldwide. A cooperation plan remains the same – the company provideв the manufacturer with SIM cards and a month free of charge, but this plan has another benefit – an income from clients' loyalty. During the time of usage of a device, M2M Express pays the Manufacturer a certain percentage of mobile traffic.

The same plan has helped manufacturers of scooters and hoverboards to motivate their dealers who sell their products. A percentage from traffic goes to both the manufacturer and the dealer.

With M2M Express SIM cards, a business gets:

  • Every single carrier of the world on one SIM card with no signal loss
  • M2M Express solution – 'One manager - all tasks' support which decreases the manufacturer's technical support hotline traffic by 40%
  • Client-oriented policy and client's loyalty not as company's losses, but as additional income
  • Free test of the SIM card to ensure it's the right solution for the business

Want to know more about M2M Express services? Come to Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019, Dubai World Trade Center, October 6-10.