Meet Mechatronics, a co-exhibitor of Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019
Mechatronics offers 15 years of experience in manufacturing and developing telematics hardware. Today we're talking about the company's profile. What do they offer to businesses? What to look for at the Mechatronics' part of Gurtam megabooth? Read on to discover.
Fuel sensors and CAN bus interface
Seamless integration of GPS tracking devices and sensors is required when we talk about high precision and extra features of sensors. Thats why the company offers CAN bus interface in popular fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator and fuel flow meters Eurosens Direct and Delta.
Temperature monitoring
Wireless temperature monitoring is a highly-demanded option in the fleet transportation industry due to easy installation. Mechatronics can offer special long-range 433MHz wireless self-powered temperature sensors Eurosens DTF RF, which combine effective penetration through steel walls with long battery life. They are compatible with popular GPS trackers with serial RS485 interface.
Liquid level sensors
Eurosens Dizzi ultrasonic liquid level sensors fit well with remote tanker truck fuel monitoring because of non-invasive installation outside the tank walls. Moreover, many types of liquid and liquefied gas can be measured with this device. Eurosens Dizzi can measure liquid level up to 3 meters high with maximum thickness of tank bottom at 5 mm.
Weight and load monitoring
Cargo weight and axle load monitoring are very popular options to be ordered. Onboard weighing is a most difficult task of GPS tracking industry, but with great payback.

The company can offer the Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system which consists of several parts, each of them have been developed by Mechatronics to achieve excellent results:

  • axle load sensors for leaf spring and air spring suspensions;
  • onboard processing units Eurosens Difference-T to calculate data;
  • Eurosens Display to show data onboard;
  • Wialon application for smart data processing and reporting.
Fuel flow meters
Fuel flow meters Eurosens Direct and Delta can be used not only as a powerful fuel theft preventing tool. Instant fuel consumption values are very important for fuel economy. Almost every boat or yacht owner wants to see instant fuel consumption values during cruising. Now Eurosens fuel consumption meters supports NMEA2K interface and can be easily integrated with onboard marine displays and fishfinders.
Want to know more about this hardware and other Mechatronics devices? Come to Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019, Dubai World Trade Center, October 6-10.