Highlights of RCS hardware to see at GITEX 2019
RCS is co-exhibiting at the Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019. It is a Ukrainian company which develops and manufactures advanced fuel monitoring systems for stationary and mobile assets. Learn more about the products to ask about at their booth on October 6-10.
For 25 years, RCS has been creating the equipment and later software for telematics domain. Right now, the core areas for the company is the development and manufacturing of GPS monitoring systems and various sensors including fuel level sensors that became extremely popular both on the domestic market and abroad.

At GITEX Technology Week, RCS is going to present the bestsellers model range, Epsilon capacitive fuel level sensors. The ES, ES-H, EN, EZ models are notable for their modular design, string/rod inside, metal sensor head and probe, and small size. They can be used as a part of GPS monitoring systems by different manufacturers.
Wireless RFID tags for trailing machinery by RCS, which they will also show at the trade show, allows identifying the machinery as friend or foe within 25 meter range. The scope of application varies from agriculture to international haulage and warehouse logistics.
Another set of RCS equipment will be represented by SIGMA ultrasonic level sensors, models ULS, ULM, ULB. They measure LPG level in cylinders and reservoirs with the diameter up to 2 meters and can be connected to GPS tracking device.
The company also produces ultrasonic distance sensors. They are designed to measure distance to objects and come in handy for agricultural work control. Monitoring of soil penetration by trailing equipment or the harvester bunker level is much easier now.
Angle sensors are among RCS products as well. The device consists of two blocks that can be used to identify angle of soil penetration by trailing equipment, crane boom lifting, cargo charge and discharge.

Want to know more about RCS services and solutions? Come to Gurtam IoT zone at GITEX 2019, Dubai World Trade Center, October 6-10.