Press Release
RCS to present their products at GITEX 2018
RCS was established in 1994. For more than 20 years, we have been manufacturing and exporting various electronic products. RCS most recent history is associated with our Epsilon capacitive fuel level sensors.
More than 250,000 units of Epsilon fuel level sensors are currently used in more than 60 counties by clients in various industries. Epsilon product range includes models for trucks, light vehicles, vans, tractors, generators, compressors, train locomotives, storage reservoirs, and road tankers. Modular construction, string inside, are those unique features that made Epsilon sensors recognized and trusted by many clients.

RCS also manufactures a wide range of sensors that are used in complex solutions. Wireless RFID of trailing machinery was introduced earlier this year and installed on grain carriers at large agricultural holdings in Ukraine. It consists of two nits: transmitter and receiver further the set. The set helps our agricultural clients to improve grain transportation efficiency.

Wireless RFID of trailing machinery has 2 modes: unit identification mode and inclination mode. In this mode, the set can be used in applications such as container tracking, cargo tracking, and access control for vehicles and assets. In inclination mode, as an option, the set can be used as a tilt sensor with application ranging from hatch opening, load discharge control to crane boom lifting.

UDS (ultrasonic distance sensor) is another new product that is gaining popularity with our Ukrainian agricultural clients. With the help of this sensor, agricultural companies can monitor the depth of trailing equipment penetration into the soil during any operation of a tractor. When using a UDS sensor, the owner can control the efficiency of trailing equipment usage that in its turn helps to prevent unauthorized fuel consumption. By monitoring soil penetration, the operator can identify if the task is performed properly by the agricultural machinery.

We also install UDS on harvesters for our clients. This helps to monitor harvester loading with high accuracy. It is vital to measure grain on all stages from harvesting to storage saving.

UDS can be used in any applications that require distance measurement in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and oil production.

RCS also manufactures Sigma ultrasonic sensor for LPG monitoring. The sensor is already installed in several hundred vehicles in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Sigma ultrasonic sensor is the only sensor on the market that enables the exact measurement of LPG in gas cylinders with 99% accuracy. Market alternatives permit only approximate (%) measurement of fuel.

In the near future, Sigma will be introduced for large LPG storage tanks and LPG transporting carriers.